Do you know who your mother’s mother is? And who is your mother’s mother’s daughter? Journey back with a young girl as she describes several generations of the women before her.  MY MOTHER’S DAUGHTER is an engaging look at a family tree that reminds readers that their mothers were once girls, and their mother’s mothers were, too! 

Now you can think about your own family in a new and challenging way.

      MY MOTHER’S DAUGHTER, written by Betseygail Rand and illustrated by C.S.W. Rand, is a 24 page, 136 word picture book presenting brief anecdotes about an imagined family’s heritage.

The legend has an additional 63 words.

MY MOTHER’S DAUGHTER is intended for 5 – 10 year old children,

but will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

     Visual details in the story help connect each mother to herself as a child.  The double page illustration, without words, symbolizes the progression of mothers (on the left) and daughters (on the right). Details of each character’s appearance and story are reflected in the houses and cottages.

The legend, at the story’s end, clarifies the “who’s who” in the story.

      A companion workbook with activities related to exploring the reader’s own family heritage is planned.

​      Betseygail Rand is a math professor at Texas Lutheran University.  She is also my daughter.  I am a retired research psychologist from the University of Florida, and an artist (

​      This is the second picture book Betseygail and I have worked on together. 

BIG BUNNY (Tricycle Press/Random House, 2011) was written by both of us and I did the illustrations


Written by Betseygail Rand  Illustrated by C.S.W. Rand