Even though the nuclear family is evolving, every child has a mother, a grandmother, a great-grand mother and a great-great-grandmother. In the book My Mother’s Daughter written by Betseygail Rand, illustrated by C.S.W, a mother and daughter team, Rand explores the family relationship from child to great-great-grandmother. It is important for family unity that awareness is made about these relationships.  All children from all walks of life and all countries have  mothers and grandmothers.



Me                                                      I am my mother’s daughter/ son

My mother                                         My mother is my grandmother’s daughter

My grandmother                                My grand-mother is my great-grandmother’s daughter

My great-grandmother                      My great-grandmother is my great-great-grandmother’s daughter

My great-great-grandmother

From mother to great-great-grand mother everyone is a unique individual. Children many times are not aware of family relationships in relation to themselves, their unique traits, or their real names.  More children are being raised by their grandparents and that needs to be acknowledged.


1.     Understand the linear relationship from child to great-great-great grandparent.

2.     Understand that every mother was a daughter/son.

3.     Understand that mothers and grandmothers are unique individuals

4.     With help from their parents, students will create a family tree from themselves to as far as possible

Students will find the names and individual traits of each generation of parent. Example, what they look like, what are their favorite foods, what are their favorite things to do, where they came from, where they live.


Book: My Mother’s Daughter by Betseygail Rand, illustrated by, C.S.W.Rand

My Mother’s Daughter Family tree worksheet

Family tree work sheet